Valparaiso and surrounds



  • Valparaiso, the Historical and Artistic City, inspiration of several kinds of Art.  We’ll WALK into the really heart of this city.  We will ride the typical Ascensors (up & down cable cars), we’ll walk its promenades in different points of Valparaíso.  We will watch the ocean from the very high at different hills.

    This city has interesting passages between streets on the hills or down town.  . We also could walk through the outdoor museum from or toward the famous “La Sebastiana” Museum about “Pablo Neruda”, Our Nobel Prize Winner of Literature.

    This is an invitation to see Valparaíso so that, just like Neruda, you fall in love in this “crazy port”.

    Those whose who wanted to get lunch, we will stop in any restaurant according of your likeness and affording.

    Viña del Mar is known as The Garden City, because, we can enjoy a warm summer, beautiful sunsets in autumn, the flower spring aromas and the natural force of winter.  Viña del Mar counts with a considerable number of so attractive beaches and promenades that invite us to walk along the way meanwhile we admire a nice seaside view.  Also, this city has emblematic museums, outdoor amphitheater, botanical garden, fine handcraft stores, restaurant of International Cuisine, Casino, 5 starts hotels, etc.

    Concón has a population of apprx. 33,000 people. Known as “Gastronomic City”, it has a variety of restaurants in most of sea food and “empandas” (You must to try them).  It is also known for its quiet and small beaches.  You could enjoy the view of rocky coast for along its coast where you can see sea lions and birds of all species and a refreshing sea breeze. It also has beautiful dunes declared a Natural Sanctuary where you can practice skiing in the dunes.

    Duration          : 8 hrs

    Departure time   : 9:00am

    Include           : Private Tour, Bilingual Guide, Flexibility, Mineral Water, Ascensor.

    Does not include : Meals, Admissions.

  • A visit to Valparaiso is a constant surprise, for its port-city life, its unusual architecture and layout of its streets. It is one of the most picturesque port towns of the world that was declared  “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in July 2003 thanks to its  charming and steep “ASCENSORS” (funiculars, cable cars) with slopes of 30° to 50 °, cobbled streets, colorful houses, century age buildings, secret passages, endless stairs, museums with a singular character, promenades  that overlook a beautiful sea-port scenic view, artistic murals for everywhere, humble and friendly people, homes hanging on hills, restaurants “gourmet” and “picada” (traditional, Cheap & Good restaurant), fruits and vegetable street markets, Fish Markets, fleas markets, book markets, summer carnivals, etc.

    Viña del Mar is a modern city with natural attractions such as beaches, parks and botanical gardens.

    Known as The Garden City, because we can enjoy a warm summer, beautiful sunsets in autumn, the flowers spring aromas and the natural force of winter.
    It shows renewed and by the entire coastline shows a second generation of modern buildings with summer homes and condominiums. Also with restaurants of all kinds of national and international cuisine, casino, municipal theater, 5 starts hotels, an outdoor amphitheater that each February celebrates the Popular International Festival of the Song, historical museums, fine Lapis Lazuli stores,  pubs, discos, etc.

    It is located 40 minutes away of east of Valparaiso on the way to Santiago.

    Toward Santiago Airport we can stop by the way (route 68) at Casablanca Valley is famous for the ocean influence.  This characteristic makes this valley good to produce white wine, specially … Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewurztraminer and it is still possible to develop new options as Pinot Noir, the White Red Wine.

    We will visit 1 vineyard (10:30), (Wine tasting in the winery, NOT included)

    Duration          : 9 hrs

    Departure time   : 9:00am

    Include           : Private Tour, Bilingual Guide, Flexibility, Mineral Water, Ascensor,  1 Winery Visit

    Does not include : Meals, Admissions, wine tasting in the winery.

  • MAINTENCILLO – CACHAGUA – ZAPALLAR. 1.600 inhabitants. It is located 70 kms from from Viña del Mar, its coasts a mixture atmosphere provided by its forests of pine and eucalyptus, with a heavenly place ideal to choose a vacation destination thanks to its narrow beaches, a waterfront ideal for sports like cycling, jogging, surfing, body boarding, parasailing, golf located in the most exclusive resort area.

    Their homes are at the feet of a sandy cliff that reaches the sea, full of rocks, interspersed with small beaches and quiet ocean water ponds. Near the sea and surrounded by holidays homes is a beautiful coastline almost at water level only along its own coasts.

    Cachagua‘s beach is the largest of the area; it’s flat and powder sand, which enables to play pallets, volleyball, horseback riding and fútbol (soccer). It also has one of the best places in the central coast where you can surf.
    Preferred destination for wealthy families to buy and build up homes and condos all exclusive with a oceanfront. The place has tennis and golf courts.
    Chachagua faces “The Island of Penguins” declared a Natural Monument, which hosts the colony of” Humboldt Penguins” of 2000 examples.

    16,500 inhabitants. Zapallar is a small inlet in the form of a shell, rounded up with steep hills which create a microclimate. Here, it stands a beautiful beach, surrounded by flowers and with a careful development of large trees and beautiful summer homes, which makes it the most elite and privileged of the central coast.  In General, there is no wind and annual temperatures don’t vary too much.

    Duration          : 8 hrs

    Departure time   : 9:00am

    Include           : Private Tour, Bilingual Guide, Flexibility, Mineral Water.

    Does not include : Meals.