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Prívate, Personalised & Flexible Service


Dear Guest

I am Hector Medina, Chief Manager of HecTour and Specialist of Bilingual Tour, Transfer & Accommodation Services. My studies are based on business administration. I had the opportunity to improve my English studies in USA and my French at the Institute of French Alliance of Viña del Mar city. Upon returning to my land I realized that my vocation was on the tourist side. It is really what I love to do. Since 2004 I have formed a group of local tour guides and drivers very knowledgeable in the areas where we live.

Our main concern is to provide a unique travel experience to each client by making them experiment, a bit of culture, food, landscapes of our country from an interesting perspective.

As a "PRIVATE, PERSONALISED & FLEXIBLE” service, our guests have the opportunity to know or visit what they are really interested in modern, clean and comfortable vehicles. We affirm you that we are totally responsible for your happiness and safety while you are in our care. Our role is critical in the satisfaction of your tour and/or in your business needs. We are passionate and well knowledgeable on every tour and information we provide. After reading these sincere words, we hope to walk together in this beautiful Land of Enchantment. It will be a real pleasure to have you, family, friends & customers as a "VERY SPECIAL CLIENT".

As somebody said... "When in Chile... do as Chilenos do”


Why would We be a Great Tour Guide ?

Because we were born, grew up and have lived here over our entire life, except sometimes when we have traveled around. Because we are knowledgeable of our area. We know the history and culture of our own country. Because each tour we take is Personalized, Private, Relaxed and 100% Flexible. Because we are tremendously sympathetic , Flexible, Pleasant, Honest, Educated and have much experience with tourists from different parts of the world as seniors, disabled people, professionals, students, average age and youth, to city tours, adventure, trekking, nocturnal tour, vineyards, business purposes, etc.. And because we definitively almost always surpassed the tourists expectations giving them the Best Chilean Hospitality.

Here apreciations of tripadvisor